Our Hood Cleaning Services

Complete System Cleaning

At Advanced, we do a complete system cleaning, this includes: the hood, ductwork, filter tray, filters, fusible links, fire suppression heads and exhaust fan. This method is the only one approved by NFPA and IKECA. Some other companies will clean only the visible areas such as, the hood and filters. This leaves the unseen areas loaded with grease and increases the potential for fires. Why pay for only half the job? After completion of your cleaning, you will receive a follow up report including photos of your exhaust system (including hood, ducts and fan).  You will love our Hood Cleaning Services.

Many companies use cold water pressure washers to reduce their overhead. Cold water will never remove all the grease from your system. We never use ineffective cold water pressure washers!

Additional Services We Offer
• Access Panels
• Grease Containment
• Refrigeration Coils Cleaned
• AC Coils Cleaned
• Mechanical Service of Exhaust Fans
• Video Inspections
• Filter Changeouts (Monthly Drop off)

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